8 pack (33cl) in a custom made box including a free special designed glass

Choose your flavor:

  • Blondin – 8% Alc Vol
  • Brunet – 8% Alc Vol
  • Rost – 8% Alc Vol
  • Combopack (4 Blondin, 2 Brunet, 2 Rost)

Keep in mind when placing the order that the beer will not be sent to you.
On Tuesday and Thursday between 08.15AM and 15.15PM  we foresee pick-up moments here on base (present yourself with your ID-card at the main entrance gate: Onze-Lieve-Vrouwlaan 99, 3990 Peer). Or you can also make an appointment for a more suitable date by sending an email to webshop@kleinebrogelairbase.be